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Student Worker Application

Undergraduate Student Employment

  • Now accepting applications for FALL 2021 Only

  • No positions for Spring or Summer 2021 Currently Available

Department Student Assistants

Department assistants work at the front desk in the department office. They provide customer service to faculty, staff, students, and guests in person or over the phone as well as assist department staff with tasks as assigned.  Shifts are created around a student's class schedule and the average workload per week is 8-15 hrs. Pay is $9.00/hr.

Accounting Instructional Support (AIS) Leaders 

AIS leaders are tutors for either ACC 2361 or ACC 2362. They hold review sessions for all students enrolled in any section of these courses. They work closely with an assigned faculty member who guides them as to content being covered. These students also assist with proctoring department exams. Requirements for serving as an AIS leader: earning an A in the course for they will be serving as a tutor, recommendation from a faculty member teaching that course, and the ability to organize, prepare for, and lead tutoring sessions with students. Students average 6-8 hrs/week and pay is $11.00/hr.



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ACC 2362
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