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Texas State University

Accounting Instructional Support Leader

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2021

We are not accepting applications at this time for Spring or Summer 2021 sessions.

Students who have successfully completed lower level accounting courses may apply. AIS Leaders hold review sessions for students who need additional help outside of the classroom. Review times will be determined by the instructor.


  • Current accounting undergraduate student
  • Work 8-10 hours per week

Required Skills

  • Communicates often
  • Meets deadlines given by faculty and department
  • Manages time well
  • Punctual
  • Volunteers for tasks when needed
  • Pays attention to detail

Job Duties

  • Have strong knowledge of lecture material
  • Review course materials with undergraduate students
  • Plan review sessions independently based on chapter assigned by faculty

AIS Leader Application

Please complete this application. Be sure to include your resume and class schedule.

Will you be working an additional job if hired as an AIS Leader? By providing information about your job and work schedule, we will try to accommodate based on your availability. 

With the exception of my classes and studies, I understand that my personal preferences and commitments are secondary to my duties as an AIS Leader *