Registration FAQs

PLEASE NOTE: When considering a request, we review your degree and registration audit which includes the dates and times you attempted to register/drop during current and previous semesters.

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  • Registration Override Policy

    • The Department of Accounting will only grant closed class overrides for students who meet one of the following criteria as verified by an advisor:

      • Seniors graduating in the semester in which the class is requested.
      • Students meeting with an academic advisor as part of their New Student Orientation
      • Nutrition majors who must complete ACC 2301 in the semester requested for internship

      Faculty members in the Department of Accounting DO NOT make decisions regarding closed classes.

      The Department of Accounting WILL NOT grant overrides

      • if classes have reached seating capacity, even for students who meet the criteria for an override.
      • if there are open sections available that work with a student’s schedule.
      • to accommodate personal or instructor preference.
      • to accommodate work or internship schedules.
      • to students retaking a course for a better grade.
      • to meet financial aid requirements.


    • NOTE: ACC 2361 & ACC 2362 are required for all business majors and some business minors. ACC 3305 is required for all Finance and Accounting majors. These classes are in high demand and require specific grades in order to move on to future courses.

      Due to the high demand for accounting classes, we have limited physical capacity; therefore, we adhere to our strict criteria.

  • Override Requests

    • Requests are denied because a student does not meet one of the requirements in our registration policy (see registration policy above).

      We also deny requests for specific sections since we do not accommodate personal preferences or work/internship schedules, especially if seats are open in other sections that work with your current class schedule.

    • The department reviews the student’s degree and registration audit, which includes the dates and times they attempted to register/drop during current and previous semesters, and communicates with the student's advisor. Occasionally, we will have to reach out to faculty and other departments if we have any questions that will affect whether or not the student receives an override.

    • In order to adhere to FERPA, we only send responses to your Texas State student email. We do NOT send responses to personal emails, even if they are selected as your preferred email. Your Texas State email is your official route for university communication and you should be checking it often for responses.

      Please note it may take 2-3 days for a response to an override request.

    • Unfortunately, if you do not meet the requirements for an override, we cannot approve it. We have many students who are in similar situations and we cannot begin to prioritize them fairly. We would highly recommend that you speak with your advisor to see what other options you may have to maintain your financial aid.

  • Closed Classes

    • There are several steps you can take in order to get into a closed accounting class:

      • Fill out a course request form. We track all student requests to help us know how many students still need a class. When you submit a request, if you are not eligible for a closed class override, you are still eligible to be on our waitlist.
      • Check frequently for open seats in your desired class. This means checking several times a day throughout the registration period. We do not know when a student may drop and open up a seat. We do not alert students when seats open due to drops.
      • Check your email frequently, especially if you have submitted a closed class override request. We usually send responses with helpful information (included below) that could get you into a closed class if you follow the directions. We also may send out announcements when we add seats, although this is not guaranteed.
      • There are certain dates during the registration period that you will most likely find open seats. We usually include these dates in emails denying requests. They are as follows:
      1. Once grades post for a semester, if students do not meet the prerequisite requirement to stay enrolled in the next semester’s course, they will drop the course and free up some seats. You can check due dates for grades each semester on the academic calendars.
      2. Students who are taking prerequisite courses at other schools must submit proof of final grade to If students fail to make the required grade in these courses, they will be dropped from spring courses and it may open up some seats. Prerequisite grades are usually due the day before the tuition due date each semester.
      3. The payment deadline for each semester will be available on Student Business Services website. Students who do not pay their tuition bill or enroll in a payment plan by the deadline will be automatically dropped from all classes. This may free up some seats in various courses.
      4. If you attend a class in the hopes that someone drops, you can technically still grab a spot in the first week of classes until registration closes. But, the instructor does not have to accommodate your late registration so you will be held accountable for any missed work. You are welcome to ask the instructor on the first day of class if you can sit in while waiting for a seat. Most people give up at this point so at least one or two people manage to grab a seat each semester due to this. Please note: Faculty do NOT make decisions regarding registration.

      These are your best options for finding seats in Accounting courses once classes are closed. It is recommended that you contact your academic advisor to explore any options you may have if you are unable to secure a seat in your desired course. Once registration starts each semester, you may submit a closed class override request to receive exact due dates for the guidelines listed above.

    • No. The Department of Accounting does not offer a waitlist. A waitlist causes a delay in registration for students. The next person on the waitlist has 24 hours to accept an open seat. If they do not accept, it moves on to the next student, again for 24 hours. After the tuition due date, the waitlist is purged. We have no control over the waitlist procedure and students were not happy with the system in the past. Not having a waitlist allows for multiple students to register at any given time, making it easier and quicker to find an open seat. Because our seats fluctuate often throughout the registration process, diligent students who check frequently for open seats are usually able to register.

    • Speak to your academic advisor.

  • Adding Seats

    • It is not guaranteed that we will add seats to all classes and we also cannot guarantee specific dates and times if we do add seats. It is the student’s responsibility to check back frequently for open seats. Occasionally, we may send out notifications for open seats, although this is not guaranteed, so check your Texas State email often!

    • We are not required to inform students when we add seats. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to check for open seats as often as possible. However, occasionally we may send an email through TRACS or respond to course override requests to let students know when we have or will add seats. This is not guaranteed, but be sure to check your email frequently for any announcements.

  • Registering

    • You can check your access period each semester by visiting the University Registrar’s webpage.

    • Schedule an appointment with your advisor every semester before registration opens. This will help you get your class schedule in order and understand how your prerequisites affect your future classes so that you are ready when your access period opens. You should always register as soon as your access period opens, usually at 6:00 AM.

    • You will need to follow the instruction listed under “What can I do to get into a closed accounting class?” above in order to register.

    • No. Upon sending a request, it is the student’s responsibility to check their Texas State email frequently for a response. If you do not register in the time given, your registration override will be removed to make room for other students. If you miss your registration deadline, you will need to follow the instructions listed under “What can I do to get into a closed accounting class?” above in order to register.

    • Only if there are seats open in the section of your choice. We do not accommodate personal preferences or work/internship schedules and will not grant overrides to switch sections.

      If you meet the override criteria and changed your schedule that causes a class conflict, you will need to submit a closed class override form so we can look into your situation. We will determine whether we let you switch sections from there.

    • Once classes start, our classes may be at classroom capacity. Unfortunately, not all students who register for classes actually attend which may account for empty seats. Upper division courses may cap below physical capacity.

    • No. A professor does not have to accommodate a student if they register after the first day of class. It is the student’s responsibility to acquire missed work.

    • The Chair of the department and the Dean of McCoy College DO NOT handle registration for the Department of Accounting. Registration is handled by the department administrators who must adhere to the department registration policies.

    • All students must meet the classification requirement for courses at the time they are trying to register for them. For instance, if you are currently classified as a sophomore and the class you need requires a junior standing, you will not be able to register for the course until grades post for the current semester and your classification is updated to a junior standing. The Department of Accounting and the advising center do NOT grant classification overrides. Seats fluctuate especially around the time grades post, so diligent students who check frequently should be able to find a seat in the class they need once their classification is updated.