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Summer and Fall 2019 Registration Begins

April 1, 2019

Please review your access time based on classification on the Summer and Fall 2019 Access Period/Time Tickets Calendar

Override Policy

The Department of Accounting will only grant closed class overrides for students who meet one of the following criteria as verified by an advisor:

  • Seniors graduating in the semester in which the class is requested AND have registered for all remaining classes (graduating is when a degree is officially awarded, NOT when you walk the stage)
  • Students meeting with an academic advisor as part of their New Student Orientation
  • Students who must complete the course in the semester requested to prevent delaying graduation
  • Nutrition majors who must complete ACC 2301 in the semester requested for internship

Faculty members in the Department of Accounting DO NOT make decisions regarding closed classes.

The Department of Accounting WILL NOT grant overrides

  • if classes have reached seating capacity, even for students who meet the criteria for an override.
  • if there are open sections available that work with a student’s schedule.
  • to accommodate personal or instructor preference.
  • to accommodate work or internship schedules.
  • to students retaking a course for a better grade.
  • to meet financial aid requirements.

Finding Open Seats

Once classes are full, it is the student's responsibility to check CatsWeb frequently for open seats in desired courses.

If you do not meet the criteria for a closed-class override, you must follow the guidelines below in order to find an open seat.

  • Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for notifications of when we add seats.
  • Check Texas State email for notifications through TRACS for accounting majors.
  • Besides checking on a daily basis, the dates below are when we tend to see the most fluctuation in our seats.
May 21 Grades start becoming available to students on these dates. If students do not meet the prerequisite requirement to stay enrolled in a spring course, they will drop the course and free up some seats.
May 29 Students who are taking prerequisite courses at other schools must have their finals grade post to their degree audit by 5 PM on the deadline. If the grade is not posted to degree audit, the override will be removed.
Please visit Student Business Services Website for Important Dates The payment deadline for spring will be set by Student Business Services. Students who do not pay their tuition bill or enroll in a payment plan by 6 PM will be automatically dropped from all classes. This may free up some seats in various courses.
Registration closes the day after the due date and reopens the following morning at 6 AM. (see academic calendar)
First day of class through census date (check academic calendar) If you attend a class in the hopes that someone drops, you can technically still grab a spot in the first week of classes. But, the instructor does not have to accommodate your late registration so you will be held accountable for any work. You are welcome to ask the instructor on the first day of class if you can sit in while waiting for a seat. Most people give up at this point so at least one or two people manage to grab a seat each semester due to this. Please note: Faculty do NOT make decisions regarding registration.

PLEASE NOTE: When considering a request, we review your degree and registration audit which includes the dates and times you attempted to register/drop during current and previous semesters.

Please read our FAQs before submitting your course override request form.