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summer adv f2020

sign indicating beach is closed

If you’re like me, you’re tired of hearing the word ‘unprecedented,’ but this summer, like most of 2020, has been unlike anything we’ve experienced. There wasn’t a lot of the usual vacations to distant places, packed movie theaters for the latest slam-bang blockbusters, or hours spent splashing away in water somewhere, but we still found plenty to do.

We stayed home more. We learned how to cook recipes we dog-eared years ago. We learned TikTok dances, played board games, read books. We renovated, or landscaped. We took long walks on trails. Road trips with our significant others. We learned new ways to entertain each other, our families, and our pets. It may not have been what we’re used to, but we did what we do best, we made it work, and we made it wonderful.

Here’s hoping everyone had a great summer despite everything, and check back next year to see what Summer 2021 has in store!