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Record of Added Seats

Seats can be added at anytime. We may notify students when seats are added, although it is not guaranteed. Please check your Texas State email for notifications. It is the student's responsibility to check frequently for added seats.

Special note: Some sections require approval before seats post to Catsweb. If you see seats have been added but the numbers haven't changed, keep checking back within the next day or two for those seats to post.

Summer/Fall 2018 Undergraduate Courses

ACC 2301

ACC 2361


ACC 2362


ACC 3313


ACC 3314


ACC 3363


ACC 3365


ACC 3385


ACC 4413


ACC 4328


Summer/Fall 2018 Graduate Courses

ACC 5316


ACC 5320


ACC 5350


ACC 5355


ACC 5361

ACC 5362


ACC 5370

ACC 5372


ACC 5373


ACC 5375


ACC 5385

ACC 5389


ACC 5390F


ACC 5390I


ACC 5680